Our fundraising charitable music foundation supports musical education projects as well as aspiring composers, instrumentalists and conductors who live in parts of the world where there is political strife or economic deprivation.

Our work


Our fundraising activities have included concerts, receiving gifts and donations. We also received a generous legacy, but we need more and we need your help to continue our work. You can help us by either by making a donation or by organising your own fundraising activities. Contact us for help and suggestions.


Our scholarships create musical opportunities for individual composers, instrumentalists and conductors. They have funded pre-primary school music materials in India and workshops that introduce classical music and instruments to rural schools in England. Our criteria is based on the selected category being applied for and is judged by professional musicians. Our annual awards range from €250 – €1,500.

Help us continue to sponsor young Iraqi, Kurdish, and Syrian musicians in 2017.

We walk into a heated room, flip a switch and the world lights up. What if one day we woke up in the cold, in the mud, in a tent all our personal possessions gone, and we had to start over from scratch not knowing when or where we would have our next meal? How would we gather the strength and courage to remake our lives? The young people we support have faced these obstacles. They have survived and live in hope that one day their lives will be better, maybe like it used to be. In cold, dark forbidding places, they find warm solace in their music. Often the music they play is barely audible so that disapproving neighbors will not report them. They practice on dilapidated instruments found in the rubble. They cling to their love of music and the solace it brings to their frightened, battered souls. Help us to find, encourage and support the idealism of these young composers, conductors and musicians who embody the best in a terror-filled and chaotic world.

Composition workshop for young people in Iraq, August 2014

Formed in 2009 by pianist Zuhal Sultan, the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq is now made up of young musicians from across Iraq. Conductor Paul MacAlindin proposed that our foundation sponsor an intensive composition workshop in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq in August 2014. We need your help to make this happen.

Sponsoring Mister Finney de Opera

We were pleased to support via the Netherlands new Donemus Foundation, Composer Joey Roukens’s Mister Finney de Opera with Carel Alphenaar librettist. The opera is an adaptation of the children’s book Mr. Finney and the World Turned Upside-down by Laurentien van Oranje and Sieb Posthuma. The creative setting, inventive costume changes, and playful musical phrasing blended with popular and classical music genres captured the imagination of many children’s first operatic experience.

Supporting the Peasmarsh Chamber Music Festival education component

Our second Russell Braun and Carolyn Maule Scholarship was awarded to the Peasmarsh Chamber Music Festival. The festival was delighted that Classical Accordion player James Crabb participated in their 2013 Education programme. James has given over 150 classes and sessions under the Live Music Now scheme.

James visited an elementary school to introduce this unique instrument and its sound to local children. His two workshops enhanced the school topic for the summer term, ”What’s a performance.” These workshops gave the children a unique experience as well as showing them that classical music can be fun.