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When you donate to our foundation, you help us to realise the dreams of future leaders in music. By helping us to provide financial assistance to areas of conflict and economic deprivation, you offer hope to musically gifted young people. We promise that 100% of the money that you donate to a project will be used on that project.

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When you make a regular donation to our foundation, you help us to ensure the continuity of our on-going projects. You can choose to make a donation every month, every quarter or even every year.

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Our foundation has a legacy, which includes an apartment in Amstelveen close to Schiphol Airport with a portfolio to fund the costs and maintenance. To further the consistency of our activities, we would ask you to consider leaving a legacy for music and for young composers and conductors of the future. Get in touch with us for your music, leadership, reconciliation and peace investment +44 7947378178.

Help to fund Scholarships for young musicians from Iraq and Syria

You can help us make our Iraq and Syrian Scholarships grow and support the dreams of these young musicians by making a contribution to our special scholarship project.

Kurdish Iraqi Chia Ahmed is studying Double bass at the bachelor’s level. He is enrolled at the Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Tartini” in Trieste, Italy in September 2016.

Syrians Karoen Bagbodarian, Cellist and Rani Elias, Solo Coronet /Trumpet player began their Master Degree Studies in September 2016 at Hanzehogeschool, Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, NL.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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