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Interview : David Juritz says “I will get back far more in return!"

David Juritz was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He moved to Great Britain in the seventies to study at the Royal College of Music and since then has forged a successful international career in music. He founded Musequality to support musically gifted children in developing countries.

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Interview: Composer Kate Moore “ way of telling stories”

Kate Moore is a composer of new music born in the UK, brought up in Australia, whose mother is Dutch. Kate obtained her masters degree at the Royal Conservatorium in Den Haag and has lived in The Netherlands for ten years.

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Music Makers Going to Iraq

Two eminent Dutch composers and five equally eminent musicians from Russia, Poland, UK, South Africa and Romania are going to the Rudi Martinus van Dijk Composition Workshop in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq this August.

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National Youth Orchestra of Iraq

On July 19th, Hellgurd Ahmed a violinist from the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq contacted us. He asked if we would be interested in helping support them in an upcoming tour to the USA.

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Charlotte (Lotte) Lichtblau

We are saddened to learn of the death of our first and beloved benefactor, renowned painter Charlotte (Lotte) Lichtblau.


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